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As companies grow, they’re challenged with two important but competing needs: how to optimize network response time and how to reduce costs. Between virtual desktops and the increased use of video, voice, and sophisticated applications, IT departments are struggling to ensure the network is still performing as it should. By optimizing their WAN, businesses can relieve congestion, improve access to data, and lower costs.

✓ Right-size your environment and achieve additional savings on bandwidth
✓ Gain an end-to-end, transparent view into the performance of the network and applications
✓ Speed up applications globally, even in remote locations to deliver consistently smooth user experience and high productivity
✓ Experience fast, stable and predictable performance for data, infrastructure, applications and other IT environments
✓ Benefit from fast performance, consistently low latencies and negligible packet loss when connecting branch offices
✓ Function with a smaller IT team, and avoid deployment, maintenance and upgrade hassles associated with appliances

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