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As the way people use technology changes, the wireless LAN (WLAN) is becoming critical. The explosion of tablets and laptops is causing a huge drain on wireless networks. People will have easy access to your LAN over a wireless connection so they’re no longer tied to their desks and can access the network wherever they are in the building.
The managed wireless LAN solution enables you to use wireless networking to create a more flexible working environment plus the network infrastructure to increase business agility. All whilst ensuring the integrity and security of the data, including the stringent needs of convergent security bodies.

• Flexible working offer by means people can access the network from meeting rooms, desks or even the office canteen
• Increased productivity by means people will get fast access to the tools and applications they need and can quickly and easily share documents to help improve collaboration
• Customers and guest solutions so that overlay guest access to allow people coming to your premises connectivity