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Managing a WAN built with a mix of services that may include MPLS IP VPN, Internet, switched Ethernet, broadband links, wireless, voice and cloud connections is no small feat. We know that enterprise networks are under more pressure than ever before. Cloud and voice technologies, as well as business operations need a combination of high-performance, reliability and security from their corporate network. And, as workplaces become increasingly flexible it means it's more important than ever to connect your users - whether that's office workers, field agents or home users - securely to your network in a way that's flexible and easy to manage for your IT teams.

With Managed WAN Service, customers can leverage our technical expertise in design, planning, implementation, and network management.

• Leverage our highly trained team of network engineers to maintain, monitor and manage your WAN
• Enable ongoing network optimization along with prioritization of bandwidth, to ensure data, voice and cloud traffic coexist without interference
• Deliver best-in-class network service quality and security, and free up IT time to focus on strategic initiatives