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Proactively managing information security is a critical component to mitigating the risks to your most important assets and to your business. Trade secrets, financial information, and employee and customer data are just some of the private information stored inside an organization's network. Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of these assets should be of the utmost importance to every organization.
Netstraight Managed Security Services use the latest security technology to provide Firewall, Unified Threat Management, Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDS/IPS), Content/URL Filtering and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services as well as secure remote access from any public IP connection. These cost-efficient solutions are ideal for companies who desire network protection services without a heavy investment in infrastructure or personnel. Managed Security Services are flexible, cost-effective, convenient and simple to help reduce Total Cost of Ownership and enhance employee productivity.

• IPSec network authentication and encryption.
• Communicate securely with company offices and remote users
• Encrypted data travel over network connections
• Stateful Inspection Firewall, UTM and VPN options
• Shield your network from unauthorized external attacks

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